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Stufflers is a mobile party activity where kids 'Stuff' their very own teddy bear or plush animal with our 1.5m tall mobile stuffing machine. Stufflers is a fun and easy activity that you can do at home birthdays or onsite at your event.

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Party Tips for Stufflers Stuff a Bear Parties at Home in Helensvale


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Party Tips for a Fur Filled Fun Party at Helensvale and Gold Coast!

Boy with Yellow Teddy BearHere are some Party Tips to build awesome memories at your Make a Bear at Home Birthday Party on the Gold Coast and Helensvale.

Choose a theme from one of our packages that appeals most to the group of children you are entertaining.

Consider how to distribute the Animal skins so that children don’t fight over which animal they want to build:

Consider having a baby name book to choose names from if this is age appropriate for your party group.  (If the children are not old enough to read, this may not be appropriate)

Since each child takes home the furry friend they build themeselves, a Party Loot Bag may not be necessary.   You can save a little money and time and the other parents will thank you when the children are not overdosed on sugar! 

Download our Free Party Guide for our step by step guide to a fabulous Stufflers Party.